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How to Get General, Non-Medical Transcription Work From Home
Without Knowing Medical Terminology
and Without Any Specialized Training

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From: Leva Duell
Thursday, 10:30AM

Dear Entrepreneurial Typist,

Would you like to make good money typing at home? If you are looking to earn extra income, work from home and have flexible hours, you should consider general (non-medical) transcription work from home!

Transcription is one of the most profitable
typing work-from-home opportunities,
and one of the few legitimate ones

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. General and business transcription is typing or transcribing any kind of dictation that is not medical or legal. As you read this report, you will be pleasantly surprised at just how easy it is to provide general and business transcription services.

If you’ve looked into medical transcription, you might have been turned off by the steep learning curve of medical terminology and the three years of experience that are typically required.

The good news is that you can get general and business transcription work from home without knowing medical terminology and without any medical or legal experience.

You don't need medical transcription training

You can start making money almost immediately with general and business transcription services because:

  1. You don’t need 6+ months transcription training.
  2. You don’t waste time, effort and money on expensive medical terminology courses.
  3. You don’t need medical or legal transcription experience.  So, you can start working from home immediately.
  4. You don’t need a certificate, degree or diploma.

Why you should consider general transcription work

If you know how to use a computer and word processing program and know how to type, you can make good money providing general transcription services.

Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy providing business and general transcription:

There is no formal training required
Employers and clients just want you to be able to do the work

Because there’s no legal certification for general or business transcription, you can get started as a transcriptionist today.

Some employers will test you by having you transcribe a short 5-10 minute audio file. Others will try you out by giving you a non-urgent paid transcription job – especially if you have some previous transcription experience. My 13 Tips to Build Credibility will help you get in the door -- even if you’re just starting out.

You can start immediately

Because you don’t need to learn medical terminology, you can start making money immediately without wasting months (and money) on training.

Ideal typing work from home

Providing general transcription is a wonderful work-at-home opportunity. One of the best ways to get typing work from home, transcription gives you the freedom to stay at home with your children and have flexible hours. You can finally realize the dream of working from home and having complete control of when you work, how much you work and who you work with. You decide how much you charge. And you keep all the profits, instead of making money for someone else.

Imagine how it will feel to work from the comfort of your home ... stay at home with your children ... eliminate rush hour traffic ... commute from the breakfast table to your office in just seconds ... be your own boss.

Enjoy flexible hours

You can work as much or as little as you want .... work full-time or part time .... set your own hours. You can work whatever hours you like, as long as you get the work done. You can work when your children are asleep or at school. If you can’t sleep, you can get up and work at night … and have your days free!

Less stressful than medical transcription

Business and general transcription is typically not as urgent as medical transcription. This means more realistic deadlines, so you won’t have to rush to finish a job.

Digital transcription means more work

Thanks to digital transcription and new technology, you won't have to drive to pick up audiocassettes. And taking advantage of the Internet, you can provide digital transcription work for clients just about anywhere.

Easy and inexpensive to start

Unlike many home-based businesses that require significant cash to start, you can begin providing general transcription work with very little financial investment.

I will tell you where you can legally download FREE transcription software that will turn your computer into a transcribing machine and enable you to listen to digital recordings, rewind, and play it back at varying speeds. If you already have a computer with Microsoft Word and a high speed Internet connection, you can get started with a headset and a digital transcription foot pedal for about $100. I’ll tell you about the best equipment and software available and where to get it. You can even start transcribing without a transcription pedal, though it will take longer to do the work.

Unlimited income potential

The income potential of transcription is higher than with most home-based work. General and business transcription is just as profitable as medical transcription and it's a lot easier.

Interesting work

Get interesting work on a wide variety of topics. Business and general transcriptionists transcribe conferences, interviews and speeches featuring interesting people and sometimes well-known authorities.

Can you see the many benefits general transcription offers?

Everything you need to get
profitble transcription work from home

general transcription work from home

You'll get ALL THE INFORMATION you'll need to become a freelance general transcriptionist and start providing general transcription services ...

The General Transcription Biz In A Box start-up kit provides insider information about general, non-medical transcription. It saves you hundreds of hours and gears you up for success.


Part I – The Insider Guide to General and Business Transcription Work (152 page ebook)

1. Getting started step-by-step: Getting started checklist, sample business plan, how to legitimize your business, register your business, get a business license, and get a fictitious business name.

How digital transcription works. What equipment is essential and my recommendations (you'll need very little equipment to get started).


How to attract clients, secure ongoing business and become successful. It’s easy to get clients when you know how. And the clients you attract will usually stay with you, so you won’t have to go looking for new work every month. Plus, I'll let you in on trade secrets that make it easy to tell in advance who your most profitable clients will be and how to get their business. And I’ll give you many sure-fire ways to find transcription work and show you the best ways to market your transcription services.


How to charge for general and business transcription work + many samples of rate schedules to choose from.

5. Insider transcription secrets. Transcription styles, formats and conventions.

Samples. You'll get all-important samples of transcription and samples of pricing. Plus … a sample resume you can model yours after. And samples of business cards.


Part II – All the Transcription Resources You Need, At Your Fingertips

20 pages of resources include companies that routinely hire transcriptionists, freelance sites where you can find great transcription jobs, the best equipment, and much more.

Part III – Promotional Materials, Agreements, Templates Forms

forms for secretarial services Promotional materials to make it easy to start and grow your business fast.
forms for secretarial services 2 prewritten promotional letters and 9 ready-to-use postcards with a track record of bringing in clients. Use them to help you introduce and promote your transcription services to a variety of prospects
forms for secretarial services

Agreements: client agreement and independent contractor agreement.

forms for secretarial services

Forms templates to run your business: Ready-to-use letterhead, invoice and fax cover sheet to give you a professional look and save you even more time.

IV - 4 Bonus eBooks

1. A Guide to Successful Online Freelancing.
2. Saving Time and Money for Work at Home Entrepreneurs.
3. Secrets to Web Traffic Overdrive.
4. The Secrets of Microsoft Word + Learn How You Can Get Hundreds of Dollars' Worth of FREE Microsoft Software.

Work-from-home transcription opportunities have grown phenomenally
thanks to the Internet and new technology

In the past, transcriptionists had to pick up tapes from clients and drop off the finished work. This limited their market to local work.  

Digital dictation equipment, digital transcribers, and fast Internet access and file transfer methods have changed the transcription business and dramatically increased home-based transcription opportunities.

Transcription software turns a computer into a transcribing machine. User-friendly transcription software lets you read and transcribe files with ease -- No need to hassle with transcription machines. Foot pedals for digital transcription work similarly to those used with cassette transcribers and have similar controls for rewind/play/pause and fast-forward. Some transcription software even works without a foot pedal.

Today, transcription jobs are no longer restricted to your local area

You can now provide digital transcription for clients anywhere in the world. This means that more transcription opportunities are available to you.

Click here to become a general transcriptionist.

By now, you're probably wondering what it takes to become a general transcriptionist.

How you can become a general and business transcriptionist ...
and what skills you need

General transcription requires excellent typing, English, grammar, and spelling skills. You need to be fairly knowledgeable with computers and MS Word. You need excellent listening skills to type what you hear from a recording and ensure that the transcript makes sense. You need fast Internet access to send and receive audio files over the Internet. And of course, you must be reliable and meet deadlines.

Your typing speed should be at least 35 words per minute. But the faster you can type, the more work you can do and the more money you’ll be able to make. Your speed will pick up after only a couple of transcripts and keep increasing gradually. I’ll refer you to some simple shortcut tools that will speed up your typing skills instantly by letting you type a couple of characters that “magically” turn into long words, sentences, and even complete paragraphs.

If you have the required skills, you can provide general and business transcription services. If your spelling and grammar are lacking, you can easily improve them by taking classes online or at a community college.

My own experience shows just how easy general transcription is!

Swamped with over 200 hours of transcription work and very tight deadlines, I called on my friends for help. I needed people who could type. In addition to a couple of colleagues, 10 typists who had never done transcription work came to my aid. When verifying their work, I was pleasantly surprised to see how well and how fast they had performed their first transcription jobs. A few people had made spelling mistakes (e.g. using “it’s” instead of “its” and “there” instead of “their"), but a brief edit solved this issue.

If you can type, you can do this. If you need to brush up your command of grammar and punctuation rules, I'll offer you sources that make that easy to do. 

You can make good money

If you have ever dreamed of making money typing from home, providing general transcription is your chance to get paid well for it.

How much you’ll make will depend on your typing speed, how much work you do, how you set your prices, and whom you're working for. Obviously, you'll make more money working with your own clients than working for transcription companies. Some transcriptionists make unlimited income by outsourcing work to other freelancers.

I will tell you how to secure a steady volume of work and what kinds of industries and businesses make the best transcription clients. My proven marketing strategies attract clients like a magnet. And, I'll give you insider information on how to set profitable pricing and cover a wide variety of situations that may arrive when doing transcription work.

Transcription is one of the few legitimate ways
to get typing work from home

Transcription is a REAL, proven service for which businesses have a real need. Transcription is NOT a "get rich quick" scheme. This is NOT some goofy scam.I don’t make false promises. I don’t provide transcription work. My book will show you how to become a freelance transcriptionist and get your own clients. AND you'll get a proven arsenal of marketing tools with a solid step-by-step plan to get you up and earning – FAST!

There is a huge demand for general transcription

Why do companies need you? Because many companies’ need for general transcription is sporadic, rather than pay a full-time transcription staff, they prefer outsourcing work to freelance transcriptionists … like YOU!

Small and large companies and a wide range of individuals and organizations outsource transcription to home-based transcriptionists. Plenty of audio information needs to be transcribed. And I expect this need to persist for years to come.

Your prospective clients include public speakers, authors, Internet marketers, universities, the media, consultants, and marketing companies, to name just a few. General transcription covers a wide variety of assignment types, such as transcribing meetings, presentations, interviews, movie scripts, focus group records, podcasts, and anything else that can be recorded.

If you’re looking for typing work from home, if you want to enjoy flexible hours and be in control of how much you work and how much you make, you should seriously consider general and business transcription work. Transcription can provide you with a solid income from an abundance of typing work you can perform in the comfort of your own home.

What Clients Say

Leva Duell transcribed a teleseminar interview I did with Dan Poynter on
book marketing. She is reliable and delivers on time. I liked that she omitted my "uhs" and other redundant words, as it makes the transcript clearer and more useful. If you want a professional, use Leva Duell.”

Judy Cullins
Author-Write your eBook or Other Short Book Fast!

“My motorcycle insurance site requires providing new information to my visitors every month. Conducting interviews with industry leaders and having them transcribed makes it easy to create content for my site. A transcriptionist who can convert the recorded materials into quality text is a priceless asset! Leva’s transcription services are doing exactly that. Her transcription services are professional, virtually error-free, and fast! Definitely an invaluable service, and well worth the cost.”

Mike Matthew
Internet Marketer/Insurance Agent, Las Vegas, NV

Insider tips make it easy for you to get started

Hi, my name is Leva Duell. I’ve been providing secretarial and transcription services for 15 years. Transcription is the most profitable part of my secretarial business. Because I’m the author of How to Start a Secretarial Business and I’ve been recommending transcription work, people often ask me questions about how to become a transcriptionist, how to get started, what equipment and skills are needed, and how to charge for business transcription.

There is little information available about becoming a general and business transcriptionist. Most books are about medical transcription, and they're seriously outdated. I looked hard, and only found scattered bits and pieces of general transcription information. I wrote this book to fill this gap and help people who are looking for legitimate typing work from home.

I made a lot of mistakes and wasted a lot of time and money

Luckily, a year or two after starting my secretarial and transcription business, a colleague invited me to an industry association meeting.

Through this organization, I was able to network with successful transcriptionists. I collected a lot of insider information, like: how to get transcription clients.... what kind of clients supply the most work ... what marketing methods work best .. and how to charge for transcription. I learned a lot, and I wrote everything down. I am now able to give back by helping new transcriptionists my proven fast-track path to success.

Do you want transcription work from home
but don't know how to get started?

Maybe you would like to provide transcription services but don’t know where to start. I have enjoyed helping many people start a secretarial and transcription business, and I can help you too! Many people have asked me questions about providing general transcription services. After repeating the same information over and over again, I started saving the questions and answers. And I compiled all the information you'll need into this general transcription start-up kit. The General Transcription Biz-In-A-Box brings together all the information you need to become a transcriptionist, and makes it easy for you to get started.

Click here to start providing transcription services from home

I can help you be successful faster

It took me a long time to build my successful transcription business. Making use of the secrets I learned, you will become successful a lot faster than I did. I take you step-by-step and show you how to get started. Nothing is left out.

I have been running my secretarial and transcription business for 15 years now. I live in Oceanside, California, and work out of my home. I have transcribed interviews, teleseminars, workshops, presentations, and many other types of dictations. My phone number is 760-722-0290.

"Things began to really come together in my secretarial and transcription business when I met Leva. Leva advised me on pricing, referred work to me, and answered my many questions. I can say with absolute assurance that if I had not met Leva, I could not have made my business work.

That's why I think her product is brilliant. You get to pick the brain of someone who has been successfully operating this type of business for years. I wish this product had been around when I first got started! One challenge I had before was knowing how to price my services. Leva helped me immensely in that area.

Don't reinvent the wheel. Instead, pick the brains of more experienced people like Leva."

Nancy Gillespy, Vista, CA

The General Transcription Biz-In-A-Box will answer
all your questions
about equipment, pricing, and transcription styles.
It will even give you answers to questions you didn't know you should ask

This transcription start-up kit will walk you through each of the steps to getting started as a work-at-home transcriptionist, from procuring equipment ... to how digital transcription works ... to getting clients ... to pricing transcription services to maximize profits .... to how to expand your business beyond your wildest dreams.

PART I - The Insider Guide to General and Business Transcription Work (152 page ebook)

1. Step-by-step getting started

Includes a step-by-step start-up checklist, how to legitimize your business, register your business, obtain a business license, and get a fictitious business name.

2. Equipment and software

  • Where to get FREE professional transcription software legally.
  • How the right foot pedal and software will greatly expand your work opportunities.
  • How digital transcription works, how transcriptionists receive the work, and how to transcribe digital audio, videos and DVDs.

3. Getting clients and profitable transcription work

This ebook is filled with jump-start suggestions for getting clients and includes:

  • How you can become a general transcriptionist.
  • How to get non-medical and non-legal transcription work online and offline.
  • How to get your first transcription job.
  • How to get work from a transcription company. The most important key to getting hired by a transcription company.
  • Companies that will hire you for general transcription work from home – even when you don't have any transcription experience.
  • How to get steady transcription work and expand your transcription business beyond what you dreamed possible.
  • How to increase your transcription speed and income.
  • What kind of businesses, organizations and individuals are using transcription services and are your potential clients.
  • 35 types of transcription work that do NOT require medical or legal terminology knowledge.
  • Who your most profitable clients will be, how to find them, and how to acquire their business.
  • 24 strategies to promote your transcription services.
  • 13 tips to build credibility and stand out from your competition – even if you don't have transcription experience.

4. Pricing general transcription services -- How you price your services is one of the most important decisions you'll make in your business!

Did you know that when under-estimating just $10 per job, you'll lose thousands of dollars per year? Don't fall into the trap of being the cheapest transcriptionist in town.

  • How to price jobs to make your business profitable!
  • Vital insider info on pricing methods to take the guesswork out of pricing for different industries, different levels of difficulty, and other pricing variables you can’t afford not to know about.
  • How to estimate transcription jobs fast, easy and accurately. How to provide price quotes to prospective clients, what factors affect transcription time, and how to apply transcription standards for billing.
  • 4 Sample Rate Sheets. This up-to-date pricing information is NOT available in ANY bookstore.

Look at What Satisfied Customers Are Saying

This transcription package contains many VITAL suggestions for building a successful transcription service. Leva tells you how to promote your transcription services and build your clientele. She lays it out very thoroughly and in the order of importance.

A very important aspect that Leva goes over very well is pricing and how to get paid for your work. This was very hard for me. I was having so much fun I felt guilty for charging a fee. I would have really undersold myself if I hadn't read Leva’s guidelines on pricing.

She also gives you a variety of documents and templates. All you have to do is put in your information. I followed her suggestions for the postcards when I made my own and I have gotten several clients just from the fact that they liked my postcard.

Leva has many, many suggestions for being a success with your transcription business and her book gives you confidence that you can make it."

Stephanie Voorkamp, Vista CA

5. More insider secrets and the "scoop" on transcription industry standards

  • When and how to use verbatim, semi-verbatim and edited transcription.
  • What to transcribe and omit.
  • How to format your transcriptions to satisfy industry standards.

6. Samples: sample transcripts, business plan, resume and business cards

contract samplesSample Transcripts

Business Plan

transcription resume sample

Transcription Resume

forms for transcription work


  • Sample transcripts: A sample transcript of meeting minutes (and an outline of meeting minutes), interview transcript (edited transcript), teleseminar transcript (edited transcript), transcript of a class lecture (an intelligent verbatim transcript) and a transcript of a meeting/presentation (verbatim transcript).
  • 4 sample rate sheets to help you set rates that will work for you.
  • Sample business plan to make sure you stay on track.
  • Sample resume to show you how to put your best foot forward.

Click here to order the General Transcription Biz-In-A-Box Box – RISK-FREE!

PART II - 20 Pages of Resources

Top 7 freelance sites for transcriptionists where you will find all the transcription work you can handle.

Companies that hire transcriptionists to work from home.

  • Job sites that post current transcription job listings.
  • Top 4 free classified sites (use them to post your services and to check on work offered)
  • Transcription forum. Work-at-home and Internet marketing forums. Work-at-home web sites.
  • Transcription equipment and software resources. Where to find used and discount equipment.
  • Where to find practice tests and abbreviation programs.

There is much more than I can list here!

General transcription is a wonderful work-at-home opportunity. If you’re looking for legitimate typing work from home, general transcription is one of the few ways to make this happen. You can make a good living with transcription, but you have to be committed to working hard and acquiring any skills you’re lacking. You may have to brush up on your spelling, grammar, or typing speed. You will see that it's well worth the effort when you start bringing in a handsome income … without ever leaving home! You can do this in your bathrobe with your feet up, if you like.

The Secret to being successful with general transcription services

Transcriptionists who do make money have four things in common:

  1. Services that are in demand.
  2. Marketing know-how.
  3. Effective promotional materials to stay in touch with their prospects and motivate them to buy.
  4. Clients who are willing to pay for their services.

The secret lies in knowing how to market your services and how to get clients. To attract top-paying clients, you need powerful marketing strategies and well-written marketing materials.

It pays to ask the important questions:

promotional materials for  transcription services

What marketing methods work for transcription services?

marketing methods for transcription services

Who are your most profitable clients?

what transcription work is in demand

What type of transcription services are in demand?

profitable clients for transcription work

What promotional materials are effective?

The General Transcription Biz-In-A-Box gives you the answers!

Start providing general transcription
the quick and easy way,
and grow your business
in record time ...
with the General Transcription

While you're trying to figure out why some transcription services are successful and others can't get their businesses off the ground, you will lose numerous opportunities!

Get all the insider tips to get you started
in this profitable work at home …
and the insiders' tools you'll need to succeed

Click here to order this Transcription Start-Up Kit

I'm sharing my own experience and that of my successful colleagues, and letting you tap into the closely guarded strategies successful business owners are using to build their businesses. Now you too can take advantage of this inside knowledge and have privileged access to the complete details of how savvy transcriptionists operate.

It's silly to waste time trying to figure out what to do when you can have this inside information! You'll learn exactly how to do what the big transcription companies do to bring in clients. Use their BLUEPRINTS for success to make money every day, and watch your business soar! By copying what successful entrepreneurs are doing, you'll dramatically increase your profits.

Simply follow these simple yet powerful Transcription-In-A-Box strategies. Avoid months, even years of costly trial and error. Save time and money as you grow your transcription business in record time.

You'll have everything you need to start making money
in your own transcription services in just a few days

Click here to order NOW!

What you'll learn from the experts:

Grow Your Transcription Services in Record Time with Proven Marketing Strategies

Get the inside scoop of what works and what doesn't. Marketing is the most important part of any business. I will tell you how to get clients for your transcription business and turn them into repeat business and referrals.

Many transcription businesses start at a snail’s pace. Mine did. I wasted time and money by using a hit-or-miss approach to promoting my services. Some promotions worked. A lot of them were a waste of time and money. You don't have to make the same mistakes I made.

I have asked colleagues to rank their most successful methods of getting transcription work ... the most effective advertising methods ... which marketing methods work and which don't. I will tell you what works for successful transcription services. Now you can avoid the mistakes I made, avoid wasting time, and be successful a lot sooner than I was.

Doesn't it make sense to take advantage of this inside knowledge ... to know what works and what doesn't? Why spend months -- even years -- on costly trial and error when you can grow your business in record time!

This special insider report is your blueprint to expanding your transcription business quickly. It's filled with jump-start suggestions and little-known strategies for getting your phone ringing off the hook, securing clients, and beating the pants off your competition. Get these helpful tips:

  • The most effective advertising methods for general transcription services.
  • 23 ways to promote your transcription service on a tight budget.
  • 10 little-known strategies to boost your transcription business—FAST!.
  • Simple, proven methods to generate repeat business.
  • Insider direct marketing strategies to boost your business and get your phone ringing off the hook!
  • The fastest, most surefire way to have clients contacting you!

PART III - Promotional Materials

Power Up Your Transcription Business
with Quick-Start Mailing Campaigns

At Last! All The Proven Marketing Materials
You'll Ever Need, Available And Ready To Use

Now you can have the exact same sales letters and postcards I sent to my clients and prospects. I know they work. They're bringing me lots of business -- and repeat business, too! Use them word for word ... or customize them to reflect your own personality and the transcription services you offer!

Imagine having an entire collection of professional, proven, and highly-effective sales letters and postcards at your fingertips! Think about it. Hard-hitting sales letters and postcards are powerful sales tools that relentlessly go out and deliver your message to clients – perfectly, every time. They keep your name in front of your prospects and clients, bring in additional business from existing clients, and generate new clients. Marketing experts agree that mailings work well if you send them out regularly – and this valuable collection makes it EASY to do that. The income you’re missing by failing to send out regular mailings is lost forever.

2 Real-World Promotional Letters That Brought In Clients

These ready-to-use letters, geared to appeal to a variety of clients in several industries, are a powerful way to introduce and promote your transcription services. You’ll need these different approaches to introduce and promote a wide range of transcription services. You can customize the letters any way you want. Or simply add your business name and mail them out.

9 Ready-to-use Proven Promotional Postcards to Promote Your Transcription Services

My custom-designed postcards, backed by 14 years of success, will set you apart from your competition. And it will only takes minutes to add your business name, phone number, personalized message, and special offer on the address side of the postcards. Mail the postcards to your prospects and clients -- or hand them to prospects, put them on bulletin boards, and use them as display ads.


When your business takes off, you will find little time to create your own direct marketing pieces. It would take you at least 18 hours to create 9 postcards yourself, and additional time to fine-tune them.

Save months of work! Promote your business NOW and get your phone ringing in just a couple of days. I’ve done all the work for you!

The postcard set also includes:

  • 4 promotional postcards that have generated a lot of new clients, repeat business, and referrals for me. They can do the same for you! These postcards sell the need for your services, establish you as an expert, and increase your credibility. They focus on the benefits your clients get from using your transcription services, such as saving time, saving money and getting overload help.
  • 2 special-occasion greeting cards for New Year and Thanksgiving.


  • A discount coupon to motivate new clients to do business with you.
  • A gift certificate to send to your clients and use to motivate new clients to try your services.
  • A referral certificate to send to your clients to increase referral business.

Don't miss another mailing!
Take advantage of our ready-to-use, proven postcards and sales letters
to promote your business NOW!
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Ready-to-Use Forms and Agreements
To Run Your Business

I provide the letters, postcards, forms, and agreements in Microsoft Word.
(Let me know if you need a different format.

forms for transcription work

Protect Yourself With These Written Agreements.

Avoid costly misunderstandings by spelling out everything before you start working on a project. A ‘handshake’ isn’t enough anymore! Don’t let a verbal agreement cost you money, time, and clients.

Take advantage of my ready-to-use forms!

Client Agreement

Without a client agreement, some clients may not pay you or try to dispute your fees. That's why it's so important to cover everything in detail before starting a project. My Ready-to-Use Client Agreement avoids costly misunderstandings. It describes the work you will do, your fees, extra charges, when fees are payable, what's included in your estimate, the client's responsibility, and more. My disclaimer has a friendly tone but waives your liability for any expenses or losses resulting from errors. Don't take the chance of losing money, time, and rapport with your client! Protect yourself with a client agreement.

Independent Contractor Agreement

When you begin receiving several jobs at the same time, you will need independent contractors to help with your overload. My Independent Contractor Agreement describes the work your contractors will do for you, how much you will pay them, and when. And a non-compete clause prevents contractors from taking your clients.

100% Risk-Free - Unconditional Guarantee

Your success in using these powerful and proven strategies is completely guaranteed. In fact, here's my Iron-clad, better than risk-free, money-back guarantee:

I personally guarantee that if you make an honest effort to try just a few of these proven marketing strategies in your transcription business, you'll get a 245% increase in business in the next 45 days! That's right, you'll get new clients that you would never get without the use of my proven, effective, hard-hitting strategies! You've got 2 full months to prove to yourself that these strategies and materials really do work. But, if you aren't 100% satisfied, just let me know and I'll give you an immediate, no-questions-asked refund right on the spot! Plus... you can keep the FREE bonus gifts just for trying my program!

Is that fair, or what? It means you can try out all my client-generating techniques and promotional materials risk-free. If you don't get the results I've promised, I want you to ask for your money back. And, you can keep the FREE bonuses as my way of thanking you for giving this program a try. There is no risk whatsoever on your part!

Click here to order
the General Transcription Biz-In-A-Box -- RISK FREE!

Let's quickly recap what you'll get:

  getting clients for transcription work

The Insider Guide to General and Business Transcription Work eBook. This 152 page ebook includes everything you need to know about getting transcription work, including a step-by-step start-up checklist and covers choosing a business name, getting a business license, getting equipment and more. Getting Profitable Clients - This section is jam-packed with ideas to help you identify your most profitable clients and get their business. Grow Your General Transcription Services with Proven Marketing Strategies – Use these powerful marketing strategies to grow your business in record time.

getting clients for transcription work

Winning postcards and proven sales letters - 9 ready-to-use postcards to promote your business. And 2 targeted letters to enhance your marketing strategies.

postcards to promote transcription work

Ready-to-use forms and agreements to safeguard your business: client agreement, independent contractor agreement, letterhead, invoice and a fax cover sheet.

postcards to promote transcription work

Sample transcripts: A sample transcript of meeting minutes (and an outline of meeting minutes), interview transcript (edited transcript), teleseminar transcript (edited transcript), transcript of a class lecture (an intelligent verbatim transcript) and a transcript of a meeting/presentation (verbatim transcript). Plus, where to find free sample transcription practice files.

postcards to promote transcription work More samples: 4 sample rate sheets. Sample agreements, samples of business cards, and a sample resume.
forms for transcription work

Resources -You'll get 20 pages of resources to help you get transcription work, and all the tools you need to make transcription work easier.

But Hold On ... I'm Not Done Yet.
You'll Also Get 6 FREE Bonuses If You Order TODAY.

Part IV – 4 Valuable Bonus eBooks

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"How To Avoid
Transcription Scams"

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